Weather REST API

To use DTN’s web services, you must display DTN’s logo on each page that our information appears. The DTN logo is available here.

Resource paths are permissioned based on your subscription. If you get a 401 exception when attempting to execute a resource you believe you should have permission for, please reach out to DTN customer support.

More Weather API documentation can be found here: Weather API Docs

To test the APIs in the documentation site, click the Authorize button. Paste the test key of oViXqthDGFNVw3IvAsnKrFG1AcfPyA6b in the apikey-query text box.

Note: There are various version of the documentation. If you are using Open API Specs for generating your client side code, those files will continue to be available while the API described by the specification continue to be supported. New documentation versions usually relate to new endpoints, new query parameters or fields in an existing endpoint. You can even view that documentation here by adjusting the version name in the edit box and clicking Explore. Previous versions: 1.3.1, 1.3, 1.2.1 and 1.1

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