Getting Started

Welcome to DTN Content Services. Using leading technologies, developers can now integrate DTN’s leading Agriculture and Weather content into their website projects. DTN provides weather forecasts, current conditions, market data, and so much more.

Before accessing Content Services, an active account with one or more license keys are required. These credentials will be provided for each authorized package. To obtain your API key(s), contact your DTN account representative.

Web Services (REST)

DTN Content Services enables you to pull valuable information from DTN quickly, including leading market and weather content for use on your own website.

Developers can customize the way they display content, including the ability to:

  • Display weather forecasts and observations in your area
  • Advertise cash bids for your elevator(s)
  • Show quotes and price history for crops in your area
  • List DTN news stories and blog content

The illustration below shows an effective implementation of how these solutions would be developed using DTN’s web services as part of your website’s back-end.

Content Services Architecture

Composable Widgets

DTN Content Services further simplifies the process of adding DTN’s data and insights to your website by making UI components available in the form of Composable Widgets. With just a few lines of code, developers can now add pre-packaged displays to your website, including interactive maps, financial charts, forecasts, etc.

Composable Widgets are a JavaScript API framework used to embed DTN visualizations inside web applications. They come bundled with DTN Content Services products, specifically our Markets API and Weather API with more to come. Composable Widgets are constructed using an Onion Architecture. Developers can customize the User Interface layer by setting property values. DTN does not currently expose Application or Domain layers but does plan to do so in the future.

With Composable Widgets, developers can embed interactive HTML5 visualizations, charts or interactive map layers using standard JavaScript.

Since Composable Widgets are also packaged with Web Services, Developers can build powerful and engaging websites by combining Composable Widgets and Web Services REST calls.